“Because of the solid musical foundation I received as a young musician in Cuba, I am passionate about sharing my musical experiences and skills as a performer and composer with other aspiring musicians. I believe internalizing the richness of Afro-Cuban musical elements enhances the creation of contemporary music genres, and it gives me great pleasure to help students bring their musicianship to another level by showing my personal approach to creating “on my feet” and “on paper”.”

Dayramir’s approach is holistic and flexible and covers a spectrum of topics from music theory to performance to personal and career development. Click on the guides below to find out which educational track best suits your program’s needs.

Beg./Int. Level


Adv./College Level


“Dayramir, thanks so much for organizing the workshops this week. I got a lot of juicy information from it and you were so warm, engaging and passionate about the subject. Your class, it’s spurred me in with my practicing”.

Mark Thorne

Guitarist and Ethomusicology Professor at SOAS University of London

“Dayramir González is an amazing and dynamic artist. His master classes for rhythm section players and pianists inspire great enthusiasm among students, his technical abilities as a performer, arranger, and composer are masterful.”

Dr. Robin Moore

Professor at the University of Texas Austin, Published Author

“The students thoroughly enjoyed working with him. Rarely have they been so quiet and attentive, his unique approach had them really interested. He is not just a great player, but a great teacher too, and I’m sure the students will be practicing the be-bop scale exercises he introduced to them with much enthusiasm! It was a wonderful session. We hope to have him back in the future!”

Dan Garske

Music Director, Santa Barbara Unified School District